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2018 - A Brief Encounter With Myself

As the band's most ambitious work to date, this album tells the story of a person and his journey as he grows up and faces different issues on his life. This album was written, recorded and produced in the span of one year, and shows a far more diverse sound than any other album in the band's career so far.

The title track is a 19 minute epic progressive rock piece divided into five movements and is divided in tracks because its last movement also happens to be the third movement of a song that appears in different stages of the album, I Am Me.


1. I Am Me, Pt. 1 (Birth) 
2. My Parents’ House
3. Imaginary Friends
4. The Gazing Mirror
5. I Am Me, Pt. II (Despoiled) 
6. Hypersensitivity
7. We Should Never Grow Up
8. The Lingering Phantasms
9. A Brief Encounter With Myself
I. Being No One (4:52)
II. A Thousand Faces (3:40)
III. Staring Eyes (3:02)
IV. Transcend (4:14)
V. I Am Me, Pt. III (Percipient) 

You can buy the album directly from our website.

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