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December 23, 2017

Tangerine Circus officially announces its third full-length album, ‘A Brief Encounter With Myself’, to be released the 1st of February both physically and digitally. 

The tracklisting is the following:

1. I Am Me, Pt. 1 (Birth) (3:16)
2. My Parents’ House (8:05)
3. Imaginary Friends (8:54)
4. The Gazing Mirror (5:18)
5. I Am Me, Pt. II (Despoiled) (3:25)
6. Hypersensitivity (4:44)
7. We Should Never Grow Up (6:17)
8. The Lingering Phantasms (6:54)
9. A Brief Encounter With Myself (19:09)
I. Being No One (4:52)
II. A Thousand Faces (3:40)
III. Staring Eyes (3:02)
IV. Transcend (4:14)
V. I Am Me, Pt. III (Percipient) (3...

November 26, 2017

Great news coming very soon! Stay tuned...


August 25, 2017

 Tangerine Circus has been hard at work for the past many months working on their new album, and it is finally ready! Tracklisting, artwork and release details coming very soon.

March 11, 2017

Hello, everyone! We recorded a quick version of the second part of the Wings live for all of you to enjoy.


February 17, 2017

Hey, everyone! We also wanted Urania to have an official video release, so now we present to you 'Rushing Dreams'. We hope you enjoy it!

January 29, 2017

The band has just released their first official video ever for Neohuman, second track off The Conspiracy Chronicles. You can check it out right here or at the band's YouTube channel. 


June 29, 2016

Hello, everyone! We're happy to inform you that we're offering 'Spheres', a b-side from our second album 'The Conspiracy Chronicles' (which originally was track 7) as a free download for everyone. Enjoy!


June 29, 2016

Hello, everyone! It is with great pleasure that we inform you that tomorrow we're getting our first shipment of 600 physical copies of a special-deluxe version of our two albums, ‪#‎Urania‬ and‪#‎TheConspiracyChronicles‬! We know lots of you have been asking frequently about this and we're really proud to announce they are finally here. 

The double album tracklist is as follows:

CD1: Urania
1.Into Her Traveling Mind
2.Cycle of Madness
3.Rushing Dreams
4.Neverending Love
5.The Wings
6.A Passage Through My Past Life

CD2: The Conspiracy Chronicles
1 The Chronicles Overture
2. Neohuman
3. Through Heaven
4. Lif...

June 6, 2016

Hey, everyone! We want to share with you a couple of nicely written reviews of 'Urania' and 'The Conspiracy Chronicles' by Guillermo Urdapilleta. We hope you enjoy them and, if you still haven't checked out our music, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible!



March 22, 2016

Hello, everyone. We're incredibly excited to share with you some amazing photographs taken in our live show at 'El Audiorama del Parque Hundido' in Mexico City. It was a beautiful outdoor show in the middle of a park, so you could imagine that the vibe was nothing but amazing. We would like to specially thank the amazing photographer and good friend Sergio Mendonza Hochmann for the photos, and we also encourage all of you to visit his website and check out his stunning visual work. www.hochmann.mx


The setlist for this show was as follows:

1. The Conspiracy
2. Through Heaven

3. Lifestream
4. The Wings
5. The Memory Delus...

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