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Name: Daniel Hernández Mateos


Date and place of birth: 02/03/90- Mexico City


Musical influences: Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Threshold, Masterplan, Edguy, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Haken, Pink Floyd, Angra, Transatlantic, Rush, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Spyro Gyra, Megadeth (among many others).


Favorite albums:


Dream Theater - Images and Words

Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

Angra - Temple of Shadows

Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind

Symphony X - The Odyssey


Favorite movies:


Kill Bill Vol. 1




Saving Mr. Banks


Music equipment: Zildjan cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, RMV drums, Remo heads, Tama pedals, Medeli DD508DX drums and Yamaha HS5 audio equipment.

Daniel on Urania:

This was the first album we ever did as a band. For me it is a very meaningful and fantastic album, because it was the approach of progessive metal music we wanted to play when we were 18 years old. One day I was playing some riffs on my guitar when suddenly I came up with the first riff of "A Passage Through My Past Life" and was so excited about it I immediately show it to Francesc who helped me worked on it and eventually transformed it in what it is today.

Favorite songs: The Wings and A Passage Through My Past Life

Daniel on The Conspiracy Chronicles:

This album I remember coming up with the first idea of what it would later would be Neohuman with Francesc when we were first recording the Urania Demo. We sat down and started playing some ideas on his guitar and on my air drums.

It is an album that best represents our love for Classic Prog and Metal, and that I am really happy with because it changed a little bit the way we worked on the past.

Favorite songs: The Memory Delusion

Daniel on A Brief Encounter With Myself:

I believe this album best represents the musical growth we have had in the past few years. We had a really close up with the music and the voices. The way we worked on it was really significant for me, because it is an album that was created with the approach of the whole band almost entirely.

The fantastic work Lalo, Luis and Francesc did when creating the lyrics and the different parts for them gave this album a complete different sound from the past 2 albums. I think it is the most complete album we have ever created!

Favorite songs: My Parents House, Imaginary Friends and I Am Me, Pt. II (Despoiled)



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