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Name: Luis Mauricio Sánchez Vega


Date and place of birth: 07/31/89 - Morelia, Michoacán


Musical influences: Porcupine Tree, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, Jamiroquai, Weather Report, Pink Floyd, Transatlantic, Rush, Beardfish, Steven Wilson, Muse, The Dear Hunter, Tool.


Favorite albums:


Beardfish - Sleeping in Traffic

The Cure - Bloodflowers

Jamiroquai - A Funk Odyssey

King Crimson - The Power to Believe

Moon Safari - Lover's End


Favorite movies:


Waking Life

Eyes Wide Shut

The 39 Steps

Pulp Fiction



Music equipment: Fender Precision Bass, Ibanez GIO 6-string, MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe, Ritcher Bass RB7, Laney Amplifiers.


Luis on Urania:

Urania is the first attempt and the origin of music composition for Tangerine Circus. It was only a little glimpse of the vast universe of things we can achieve writing music together. And I have always sensed that it pays a fair tribute to all the music influences that brought us together as a band. It is an album with a very pure essence that never pretends to be more than a bunch of friends enjoying to play the best they could their instruments. We will always be proud of the music in this album despite the fact that it sometimes feels very distant from the music we are trying to create right now.

Favorite songs: The Wings, A Passage Through my Past Life, Into Her Traveling Mind

Luis on The Conspiracy Chronicles:

 The idea of having a concept album for us was first incarnated in The Conspiracy Chronicles. This was a logic step since we realized with our first album that we were able to write and play as the bands we liked so much. This second attempt had as a consequence a lot of ideas that we wanted to explore to grow as a band. We were able to  use new textures and to be more ambitious with the structure of the album and the songs. Although I believe we crafted a better album, I also believe that we over-produced and over-thought a lot of things trying to make every aspect perfect. This made this album lose a little of that pure essence that we had with our former compositions, but it showed us a new world of possibilities that would open our minds little by little.

Favorite songs: The Memory Delusion, The Conspiracy, Lifestream

Luis on A Brief Encounter With Myself:

A Brief Encounter With Myself was a great experience for us. I believed that we grabbed the pureness of our beginnings and the ambition of our second album and mixed that with a more mature way of thinking music. We got back to basics while thinking of a topic, and we took the high road while creating the music, and this combination led us to a better result. The years of separation between the creation of this album and the former ones helped each of us to acquire a keen sense to decide what is best for a song. The final result was a great success because I believe we stopped being guys focused on playing correctly and we became a stronger sonic unity with the ability to express a lot more.

Favorite songs: Imaginary Friends ,Hypersensitivity, The Gazing Mirror




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