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Tangerine Circus launches a new website!

Take a look! The band has just updated their previews website with a brand-new design.

In the home tab you will find news regarding the band, upcoming shows, photo shoots and future music endeavours of the band. In the band tab, you can learn the history of Tangerine Circus and also you can check out some very special lists written by the four members of the band, giving you a glimpse into their music & film tastes.

In the Discography/Videos tab, you can browse the music the band has put out up to date, as well as upcoming videos we're preparing for you. You can buy our albums directly from the site, as well.

In the Live Shows tab, you can find upcoming information of live presentations of the band.

In the Gallery tab, you can check out some great pictures taken either at a photoshoot or in their live shows.

Finally, in the Contact tab, you can leave the band a message and you can find links to our social media. Thank you, happy browsing! - TC

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