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Physical versions of our albums will be available shortly!

Hello, everyone! It is with great pleasure that we inform you that tomorrow we're getting our first shipment of 600 physical copies of a special-deluxe version of our two albums, ‪#‎Urania‬ and‪#‎TheConspiracyChronicles‬! We know lots of you have been asking frequently about this and we're really proud to announce they are finally here. The double album tracklist is as follows: CD1: Urania 1.Into Her Traveling Mind 2.Cycle of Madness 3.Rushing Dreams 4.Neverending Love 5.The Wings 6.A Passage Through My Past Life CD2: The Conspiracy Chronicles 1 The Chronicles Overture 2. Neohuman 3. Through Heaven 4. Lifestream 5. A Higher State of Mind 6. The Conspiracy 7. Advent of the Thinking 8. The Great Elector 9. The Memory Delusion Note: 'Spheres', a track off The Conspiracy Chronicles, was left out the physical version due to CD length constraints. The track will be available in lossless format to all buyers of this package as a bonus download, and will be available in all streaming services as well (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.) You can buy this package directly from the band by sending us a message our in our website. Fees for international shipping will be talked accordingly with all who are interested.

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