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Urania (10th Anniversary Reissue) to be released later this year!

PRESS RELEASE: The band is proud to announce that a brand-new version of "Urania" will be released at some point during 2019 (exact date to be confirmed) featuring a new, powerful mix and a bonus CD that will contain all 6 Urania songs performed live! 10 years ago, when three of the four current members of the band were only 18 years old, they got together and created a progressive metal deeply rooted in bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X with the hopes of creating music inspired in such styles. The band was to be called "Urania", and so they wrote an album that would be later named just like the band back then. The album was recorded but for some complex reasons its release was not meant to be. In 2013, when the band was reborn as Tangerine Circus (and after the writing of the second album, "The Conspiracy Chronicles") they decided to rerecord all their material (both albums) themselves, with Lalo Mariné at the helm as producer. Two years later, these two albums were released officially as part of a 2 CD Package that served as the real introduction of the band to the world. After a highly successful 2018, having released a brand-new album in the form of "A Brief Encounter With Myself" and having shared stage with great progressive metal bands both local and international, the band decided to give these two albums the space and independence they deserve, starting with the debut. The first release in the first half of 2019 will be "Urania" itself, and will be released both digitally and physically (featuring a beautiful color booklet with lyrics and art) and a bonus disc featuring all 6 tracks performed live. The album will feature a definitive audio mix of the 2014 sessions, and it's posed to be become the ultimate (and final) version of this album so close to the band's hearts. Release date, video footage, audio demos from 2010 and more to come in the following weeks! STAY TUNED!

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