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Tangerine Circus is a Mexican progressive rock band that consists of four members: Eduardo Mariné (keyboards), Francesc Messeguer (guitars), Luis Mauricio Sánchez (bass) and Daniel Hernández (drums).


The band saw its origins back in 2009, when Francesc Messeguer formally got together with Eduardo, Luis and Daniel who by that point had been playing in another band for a couple of years. Back then, they had a very clear purpose of forming a full-fledged progressive metal band, so they began writing material that eventually became part of the band’s debut album, ‘Urania’ (coming from the name of the band back then). The band went into the studio to record ‘Urania’, which gave place to their first recording ever which later become the original Urania demos. Right in the demo recording sessions, they began drafting musical ideas for what would eventually become the band’s second album, ‘The Conspiracy Chronicles’.

The band spent most of 2010 and 2011 writing and laying down ideas for that album, with Francesc and Eduardo bouncing several ideas back and forth between each other that would eventually become recurrent musical themes in the record. The idea of writing a concept album then came to mind, which gave space to the band’s most daring musical adventure up to that point. Also, they always wanted to have a fifth member (a singer), so they went through a long process of finding someone to join the band which eventually led to Naoki Sasamoto, a childhood friend of the band, to join as singer. Fast forward to 2012, year that saw them recording the first incarnation of ‘The Conspiracy Chronicles’ and the band officially take the name of Tangerine Circus, but the size and scope of this project was too much for the band so they weren’t very happy with the result and those recordings eventually became the demos for the album.


Then, in 2013, after a short hiatus the band took given there was no clear direction of what to do with the two demos the band had up to that point. Sasamoto left the band and they were left without a singer and with no plans to pursue the project. Lalo then approached the band with the idea of re-recording the first two demos in full, album version and the band eventually agreed to do the singing between them. After they all agreed, the band spent most of 2013 and 2014 redoing ‘Urania’ and ‘The Conspiracy Chronicles’ which, in words of the band, was their revival after a long period of uncertainty. Both albums were released both physically and digitally in 2015 and the next couple of years saw the band gaining international exposure thanks to outlets like Prog Magazine, Prog Archives and Fireworks Magazine (among others) and it saw the band supporting the albums live in Mexico City and surrounding cities as well.

During 2016, the band went back into creative mode and began writing what would eventually become their current and third album, ‘A Brief Encounter With Myself’. They spent all of 2017 composing, arranging and recording the music with Eduardo becoming again the producer for the album. The band now approaches 2018 with a lot of trust on their new music, ready to take on the world.

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