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2012 - The Conspiracy Chronicles

Written between 2010 and 2012, this this without any doubt the band's most ambitious up to that moment The band has managed to create an album that has a big musical, lyrical and conceptual depth, telling a tragic story about an oppressing system and its conspiracy for keeping everyone in line. This is a tale of strength of character, political awareness and an epic struggle you surely don't want to miss! 

This is the new and definitive version of The Conspiracy Chronicles: with new mixes, new arrangements and new songs that bring our epic tale to a thundering conclusion. 


1. The Chronicles (Overture)

2. Neohuman

3. Through Heaven

4. Lifestream

5. A Higher State of Mind

6. The Conspiracy
7. Spheres

8. Advent of the Thinking

9. The Great Elector

10. The Memory Delusion
11. A Song of Men (Epilogue) 


You can buy the album directly from our website.

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