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A Brief Encounter With Myself

Imaginary Friends - Official Lyric Video

The Lingering Phantasms- Live Clip

I Am Me, Pt. II (Despoiled)- Official Lyric Video

Staring Eyes - Official Lyric Video

The Lingering Phantasms- Official Lyric Video

Imaginary Friends - Live @ 'RR Live': Mexico City

Making of 'A Brief Encounter With Myself'

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The Conspiracy Chronicles


Spheres - Live From the Studio 2021

Neohuman - Official Lyric Video



The Wings - Live @ 'La Comandancia': Mexico City

The Wings Pt. II - Hang Gliding live session

Neverending Love - Live @ 'La Comandancia': Mexico City

Into Her Traveling Mind - Live @ 'El Cuartel'. Mexico City

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